Asparagus recipes – new ideas with white asparagus

For everyone who has enough of asparagus with hollandaise sauce, we have put together fresh and varied asparagus recipes – from asparagus salad to grilled asparagus.

There it is again: the asparagus season. And as every year, white asparagus is served in the same way: with hollandaise sauce, ham and potatoes. Nothing against this delicacy from the realm of asparagus recipes – the combination is well-tried and popular for a reason! But don’t forget how versatile white asparagus can be.

Grilled asparagus recipes

If you cook white asparagus in water, as most asparagus recipes require, it loses much of its aroma – grilled asparagus is a delicious alternative. Peel the asparagus and pack it in aluminum foil with butter , salt and a pinch of sugar . A little grated cheese also goes well with grilled asparagus. The asparagus can cook in its own juice in the aluminum foil on the grill and tastes intense and aromatic. In order to make these asparagus recipes even more varied, you can use  fresh herbs to the aluminum foil. Especially at the beginning of the barbecue season , spicy asparagus recipes with asparagus from aluminum foil are a welcome change to the always the same side dishes.

If you want to put white asparagus without aluminum foil directly on the grill, you should first cook it for about 5 minutes – otherwise the tender asparagus turns black before it is soft. Then you can marinate it, for example in white wine and spices. Grilled asparagus also tastes delicious when wrapped in ham.

Cold asparagus recipes: asparagus salad

Cold asparagus recipes are also popular. Cold asparagus recipes such as asparagus salad are a great and refreshing alternative, especially if the asparagus season brings spring-like temperatures . For a salad, you can either cook, fry or grill the asparagus and let it cool, or just use it raw. Even a lukewarm asparagus salad tastes wonderful depending on the combination of ingredients.

Asparagus recipes: new ideas from pasta to risotto

White asparagus does not always have to be prepared in a typically German way – the variety of asparagus recipes is also good for an Asian touch. Combined with ginger or peanuts , you elicit completely new flavors from the asparagus. Asparagus recipes with sheep’s cheese or goat’s cheese also taste particularly delicious – the salty component forms a delicious contrast to the sweet-sulfuric asparagus. Eggs also go well with asparagus – especially in asparagus salads you can find them side by side. White asparagus can also be varied in pasta , risotto , quiche and asparagus soup and co. Even fine white asparagus with a casing of cooked ham and melted cheese will make the hearts of asparagus fans beat faster when you want to discover new asparagus recipes.

Asparagus recipes: don’t forget the classics

With all your creativity, you shouldn’t forget the classic asparagus recipes. In this country, of course, cooked asparagus with hollandaise sauce , ham and potatoes applies an absolute classic of asparagus recipes. But sauces other than the hollandaise go well with fresh asparagus. Fortunately, asparagus recipes never get boring – whether classic or creative and new.

Thanks to its nutty aroma and pretty color, green asparagus is becoming increasingly popular, but white asparagus is still the best-selling asparagus. Thanks to its subtle mildness and rather subtle aroma, it can be combined creatively and forms a grateful basis for our asparagus recipes. On tarte flambée or in quiche, in risotto or pasta pockets, with curry coconut sauce or gorgonzola sauce, in a melon cocktail or in asparagus ice cream – the asparagus season is really exciting!

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