Casseroles or gratins are absolute favorites from the oven, because they are quick to make, varied and make a fine side dish or main meal that really fills you up. We’ll show you the best recipes for your next oven dish.

Potatoes, pasta, vegetables and meat can always be used to create new ideas, so casseroles and gratins are always a good idea when there is leftover food.

Casserole or gratin – what’s the difference?

casserole usually consists of different ingredients layered on top of each other, which are poured in a tall form with a spicy egg-cream mixture or a bechamel sauce and baked with grated cheese, breadcrumbs and butter flakes. In addition to filling ingredients such as pasta and potatoes, they usually contain vegetables, fish, meat or sausage and thus form a complete main meal. The prepared al dente ingredients cook in the oven and the cheese melts golden brown.

gratin is the slightly finer variant and usually consists of only one or two ingredients that are served as a side dish, e.g. potatoes or vegetables. The gratin shape is flatter, so that mostly only one layer is baked or “gratinated” at high heat, creating a very crispy surface. The transitions from gratin to casserole are now fluid and colloquially the terms are often exchanged. But the baked delicacies have one thing in common – they always taste delicious!

Casseroles and gratins – whatever your heart desires

The classic par excellence is certainly the pasta casserole : A perfect use of leftovers when pasta is left over from the day before, and when time is short, a pasta casserole in the oven makes itself almost automatically when the noodles can cook in the sauce. The second classic is the potato gratin, a popular filling side dish that is also served on festive occasions. But besides pasta and potatoes as the main ingredient, casseroles and gratins can actually be prepared with all the ingredients your heart desires:

You should always pay attention to the different cooking times of the ingredients when putting together cheerfully. Anyone who enriches a potato casserole with soft vegetables such as tomatoes or zucchini must expect the zucchini and tomatoes to come out of the oven very soft – or to pre-cook the potatoes. You should also be careful not to combine too many types of vegetables that contain a lot of water. For example, you can remove the seeds from tomatoes beforehand so that the casserole or gratin doesn’t get too runny. Unless you eat the casserole or gratin as a main course in combination with rice, for example – a good amount of liquid won’t do any harm so that the dish doesn’t get too dry overall.

Casseroles and gratins – the perfect cheese

When gratinating, you have the option of choosing a cheese according to your taste. Soft cheeses such as young grated Gouda, mozzarella or brie give the casserole or gratin a wonderful creamy cheese layer . Feta cubes, sheep’s cheese or fresh goat’s cheese on the casserole also give an intense taste. If you like it even creamier, you can add creme fraîche or cream cheese to the casserole. If you love a crispy crust on a gratin or casserole, you can choose between different methods

Sweets and desserts from the oven are also in great demand with those with a sweet tooth. Fruit in particular is ideal: pears, apples, peaches or berries can be turned into great gratins and casseroles.

Gratins are the finer variant of the casseroles. They can also be combined in many ways and put together according to your own taste. A purely vegetarian variant is ideal as a side dish. The refined gratins from the oven are tasty for young and old and are a great change from normal vegetable side dishes. Here you will find exciting recipes that are absolutely suitable for everyday use – quick, easy, delicious. Let yourself be inspired by our recipes and simply combine your favorite gratin yourself.

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