Challenge: Use up leftovers in the pantry

Not everything in our kitchen cupboards is used. It’s one thing with kitchen appliances, I want to be more careful with food. That’s why I feed myself through my supplies for 30 days until there is no longer a guilty conscience. Who wants to join in?

I regularly catch myself pushing opened packs further and further back into the kitchen cupboard, freezer or refrigerator after the week’s shopping, and sorting fresh items within easy reach. It goes on until I don’t want to eat the old stuff anymore. I have to change something about that! I am now doing a 30-day challenge in which what has been opened is cooked into delicious dishes and there are no leftovers.

I don’t know what’s waiting in your closets. For now I can only speak of myself. That’s why I’ll lift the veil once and share with you which foods I urgently need to process and what I would like to cook from them – for 30 days.

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30-day challenge: eat through the supplies

I may not be able to finish my stash of chia seeds , sesame seeds , and grain mixes in my life . I also wonder how I can use up the different types of flour . I can barely keep track of frozen foods such as fruit and vegetables (if I have my own harvest) or fish and meat. But I am also bothered by all the small jars with a small remainder of desiccated coconut , almond flakes , quinoa , risotto rice and  oat flakes . And the biggest monster: grill and burger sauces. Before I have to dispose of any of it, I first have to: feed it through – with recipes from the chef community!

It’s hard to believe, but it is possible to use up barbecue sauces . And that’s what I intend to do before I open a new bottle. My BBQ sauces are used in sauces , dips and marinades . Please also consider how expensive they are sometimes – it is all the more important that the last bit is removed from the bottle!

There are also times when I have so much jam that I could take care of three kindergartens. In the meantime I have a strategy: bake yeast rolls with jam filling and feed the neighbors with them!

In the next 30 days I would also like to get into the habit of using sesame or desiccated coconut as breading . The result is always exceptionally tasty! I can only recommend this to you if you want to empty your pantry too.

If you want to take part, you can expect a lot of great moments: 

1. For example in the sun, because you don’t constantly waste your time in the supermarket.

2. You cook more varied and try out new dishes.

3. You make sure that good food does not go to waste.

4. Suddenly you have more space in the closets.

5. The next time you shop, you can better estimate what you are actually eating .

And what about –  Challenge accepted ? I look forward to every colleague and exchange of experiences!

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