With just a few ingredients and even less effort, you can conjure up delicious vegan baked goods in no time. We’ll show you what to look out for and provide you with 33 vegan baking recipes for every taste!

These recipes also have some advantages for non-vegans: It’s Sunday and there are no more eggs in the house? Anyway, a vegan recipe will help! Do you want to bake with children who can nibble on the dough without fear of salmonella? A vegan recipe is the solution!

For starters , the best advice for vegan baking is: just stick to recipes that were vegan from the start. You can also convert your favorite recipe to vegan – but this requires a little experience with vegan baking recipes. Because you cannot simply exchange ingredients like milk and eggs 1: 1 for soy milk and egg substitutes.

The following applies to all recipes: do not stir too much! It is often enough to mix the ingredients with a spoon or whisk until everything has just combined. Don’t be surprised if the dough is more liquid than usual – that’s supposed to be the case with many vegan recipes: the liquid content is higher, the fat content is lower.

Replace eggs, milk and honey

If you are a slightly more advanced vegan baker and you still want to prepare your favorite recipe in a vegan version, you can replace animal foods as follows:

Vegan alternative to eggs

Many doughs can be made entirely without eggs: yeast dough, for example. You can also prepare shortcrust pastry and batter without an egg. You may then taste unfamiliar, but it works.

If, however, the egg needs to be replaced, it is worthwhile to see what purpose the egg would have served. Should it bind or should it loosen? Egg substitute in powder form does both – you can find it in every organic market and in many well-stocked supermarkets.

Flaxseeds are also wonderfully suitable for binding : 1.5 tablespoons of finely ground seeds with 3 tablespoons of water replace an egg.

Fruit puree  in all variations is suitable for loosening up (for example apple pulp): 1 tablespoon replaces an egg. Since fruit puree is not tasteless, it is not suitable for every baked goods.

The dough is also loosened with pureed silken tofu – 70 g replace an egg.

Vegan alternative to butter

A common alternative is of course  margarine– but look at the list of ingredients, because some varieties are not vegan.

Oil – in many recipes that were thought to be vegan from the outset, oil is used instead of margarine. Vegan cake is so juicy! So don’t be shy if a recipe contains a lot of oil.

Vegan alternative to milk

There are now plenty of plant-based milk alternatives. Soy milk binds best, but it also has a very strong taste of its own. Almond milk is great for cakes that taste in a nutty direction anyway. Oat milk tastes grainy and goes very well with many pastries. You can also use homemade almond milk very well for baking.

Vegan alternative to honey

Honey to replace, is really simple: Actually, any form of liquid sweetness is a recommended alternative: maple syrup rice syrup agave nectar Etc.

The most important thing is of course: Just try it out and enjoy the dough! Have fun baking.

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