Jackfruit – try the vegan meat substitute!

Recipes with jackfruit

We recommend: Try it out and be amazed! Pulled jackfruit and other hearty dishes are prepared with the immature jackfruit, only this has the desired consistency that resembles meat. You can also eat ripe jackfruits, they are sweet and reminiscent of pineapples. In our recipe range you will find the best recipes for immature and ripe jackfruits. And among our recipes you will find more information about jackfruit!

Prepare jackfruit

The unripe jackfruit first has to be boiled or fried – raw it is inedible and almost tasteless. This is also her great advantage, because with spices and marinade you can give her exactly the taste that you would like to have. BBQ jackfruit or “chicken” curry with jackfruit? Fry spicy or braise with spices? Everything is possible! FoodTuber Mrs Flury shows you her recipe for jackfruit burgers in the video

Jackfruit – cultivation and import

Jackfruit is imported from the tropics. The raw harvested jackfruits are a result of thinning – the smaller fruits are removed from the 20m high jackfruit tree so that the larger ones can continue to grow and become particularly sweet. These raw jackfruit are then soaked in brine and find their way to us as preserves. If you do not eat meat for ecological reasons, you should keep an eye on the ecological balance of the tropical canned food.

Buy jackfruit

Buying raw jackfruit is not that easy, because the Asian store often offers canned ripe goods – even in their countries of origin, the jackfruit is usually eaten ripe. If the ingredients are not listed in German, it often helps to ask the staff. Thanks to their growing popularity as a meat substitute, raw jackfruit will surely be available straight or marinated in supermarkets soon. So keep your eyes open and feast!

Interview with Jacky F.

We interviewed Julia Huthmann from Jacky F. With her company she imports organic jackfruit to Germany.

How did you discover jackfruit for yourself? What convinced you?

When I was living in Sri Lanka, I discovered jackfruit in a restaurant and mistaken it for chicken meat in a curry. The consistency was fantastic and so I started my first attempts at cooking. I was fascinated that jackfruit can be used in so many ways in the kitchen. At the same time I saw the many jackfruit trees, the fruits of which were not harvested, so I thought that this potential had to be used.

What is your favorite jackfruit recipe? Do you have an insider tip?

I find Jackfruit meatballs very tasty, but I also love a spicy curry. My tip is to always fry the jackfruit so that the pieces lose a lot of liquid. So the consistency comes close to tender chicken meat. I like to use smoked salt for seasoning. This gives the dishes an extra hearty note.

Do you pay attention to sustainable production?

Jacky F. is 100 percent organic. The small farmers in Sri Lanka are all organic certified and thus operate according to ecological standards. I also visited my partner on site several times in production and was convinced by the good working conditions. I also make sure to have a short, transparent supply chain, leave value added in the country of origin and avoid unnecessary transportation.

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