Pasta with pesto – that’s all too often my answer to the question of what I’m going to eat today. But this has nothing to do with ready-mix. Because nothing beats homemade pesto.

Making pesto yourself is not only quick and easy, but also just the thing for – every day! Here we have 10 recipes for pesto from basil pesto to pesto rosso to unusual pesto recipes with spinach and walnuts or mint. Good Appetite!

Pesto alla genovese & variations

Basil, roasted pine nuts, parmesan, olive oil and garlic – that’s what you need for the typical Italian “pesto alla genovese”. The ingredients are ground in a mortar. The hand blender or blender jar is faster and requires less effort. The ingredients are chopped up until the desired creamy consistency is obtained. In that time your pasta will be al dente and your lunch ready to serve!

Pesto has a very intense taste and is processed cold , which means that the fresh aromas of the basil are retained. Pesto lovers don’t just appreciate the basil variant – all ingredients can be exchanged as desired. Instead of basil, you can use a wide variety of herbs (e.g. wild garlic, mint or rocket).

With nuts and kernels (walnuts, cashews, almonds or pumpkin seeds), oils and hard cheese you can create great new taste experiences. Almost as popular as the classic “Pesto alla genovese” is the “Pesto rosso”. Instead of basil, you use dried tomatoes, which give the pesto its strong, dark red color.

The most popular types of pesto include:

  • Red pesto : Dried tomatoes in oil, (basil), tomato paste, garlic, pine nuts (alternatively with almonds, hazelnuts or walnuts), chilli pepper and parmesame
  • Wild garlic pesto : wild garlic, (pine nuts), salt and oil
  • Parsley pesto : parsley, garlic, pine nuts, almond leaves, parmesan, olive oil, salt and pepper
  • Two kinds of herb pesto : parsley, basil, garlic, pine nuts, pecorino cheese and olive oil
  • Mint pesto : mint, pistachios, chilli, olive oil, orange peel, pecorino cheese and salt

Pesto butter is also very tasty. Simply replace the oil with softened butter. Put the whole thing in a mold and let it cool in the refrigerator. Pesto bread is another idea how to use your pesto.

Pesto goes well with … almost anything

Pesto doesn’t just go with pasta! Pesto tastes good not only with pasta but also with fish or meat. Here we have 10 recipe ideas on how you can enjoy your pesto. For example, spread pesto rosso on pizza! Even fish like salmon or pike go very well with a pesto. Convince yourself and try our recipes with homemade pesto.

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