We present the classic party recipes of the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s and of course also from today. Maybe that inspires you to drum up family and friends and reminisce about a decade and feast.

The father’s 55th birthday, a theme party of the 70s or the silver wedding of grandma and grandpa are just around the corner. How do you design the buffet? Some classics endure generations, others are reinterpreted: asparagus ham rolls, Waldorf salad or Russian eggs are not missing on the party tray, just like in the 1950s. Culinary cracks that are still known from the 50s and 60s, party recipes that determined every buffet in the 70s and 80s and a selection of specialties from the 90s until today we have listed for you!

Party recipes from the 50s

The 1950s – the decade of the economic miracle and full employment in Germany. You could afford something again, you could see that on the richly laid table. Oriented to the Americans, the toast bread comes out big, and canned goods and frozen foods satisfy the desire for exotic ingredients such as pineapple and mandarins. Of course, salads weren’t missing in the 50s, but the best seller was the meat salad ! Here are some more popular party recipes of cold and warm classics as well as cakes, desserts and drinks from the 50s!

Party recipes from the 60s

In the 1960s there was no buffet without butter roses, butter hedgehogs or other decorative butter forms. Vegetables and fruit were also cut nicely, bread was often cut out with ramekins and wonderfully imaginative topped. The cult drink of the 1960s was Kuller peach – a peach that had been pungent and filled with sparkling wine, “rolling” in the glass. God’s dish was the must-have dessert, seasoned meat or ragout fin the evergreen at every party! Click through some other popular party recipes here and look forward to cold and warm classics as well as cakes, desserts and drinks from the 60s!

Party recipes from the 70s

In the 70s people loved it “filled”, from eggs to cream puffs. Likewise came fondue, cheese fondue and raclette fashionable and more and more exotic ingredients found their way to the buffet – crab, olives and anchovies were the new party hit! But schnitzel was also booming in the 70s, whether as Hawaii or Jägerschnitzel. Below you will find more party hits from the 70s.

Party recipes from the 80s

Country buffets were very topical in the 80s. Some of these specialties, especially tomato and mozzarella snacks, are still part of a cold plate to this day. The party soups, on the other hand, have a firm place with the warm dishes, hardly any event at this time dispenses with goulash soup & Co. The drinks hit are colored cocktails, for example with blue curacao.

Party recipes from the 90s to today

Anyone who celebrated a lot in the 90s knows and loves mini-quiches in various variations, marinated vegetables and melons with ham. In addition to many classics from previous decades, a buffet today can be rustic, with chicken legs, minced meat balls and pasta salad, or even noble. Country cuisine is once again extremely popular as finger food, especially tapas, sushi and Italian snacks. Below you will find popular recipes from the 90s and of course from today!

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