Quick lunch for the whole family: 25 recipes

Your children are at home, you work in the home office and your stomach growls? Then you need quick recipes that the whole family will enjoy. 

Now comes what goes quickly on the plate. Pasta, puff pastry, couscous and wraps – all of this is ready quickly and can be easily spiced up with fresh vegetables and little effort. In this way you can rediscover the standard fillers again and again and still feed yourself and your children healthy. 

A quick lunch is also healthy

It is important to parents that children eat healthily. Is that also possible when things have to be done quickly? Sure, because it works with very simple measures. Most importantly, children eat plenty of plant-based foods:

  • Colorful vegetables are best served every day. It can be raw food as a snack – or you can simply top the pizza with vegetables (zucchini, tomatoes, eggplant, …). instead of salami and ham. It goes quickly anyway. Open sandwiches can also be spiced up with radishes, tomatoes or cucumber slices.
  • Fruit also goes well with hearty dishes: curry sauce with pineapple, mandarins or peaches taste wonderfully fruity.
  • If you make pasta or rice, just use the whole grain option.

You can use these simple tricks to prepare lunch quickly and healthily. You can find even more tricks and recipes in this article: Cooking for Children.

Cooking quick recipes with kids

Even if you only have a short lunch break, it is worth having the children help you prepare the dishes. This has two advantages: The children are kept busy and the children usually like it better if they were allowed to help with the cooking. So be sure to let your children with you in the kitchen.

Children can help wonderfully with a vegetable casserole: grease the mold, chop vegetables, sprinkle cheese on the casserole …

Here children can help with cooking: 

  • Give them (depending on the age of the child) a children’s knife to cut mushrooms or other soft vegetables into small pieces,
  • let them stir the (pancake) batter,
  • Even the youngest can make pizza toppings.
  • Pouring spices into the pot is great fun for children. And if the food is a little more seasoned, it’s not so tragic. Just be careful with salt and pepper … Better to start with dried herbs.

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