Sustainable meat: that’s behind crowdbutching

If you don’t want to do without meat and still want to live more sustainably, you can use crowdbutching. We’ll tell you what it’s all about! 

Sustainability through less meat consumption

Meat is a relevant topic in terms of sustainability: a large part of the greenhouse gases generated by agriculture comes from factory farming. In addition, most of the animals that we eat in everyday life are kept in poor conditions. Your meat consumption will be more sustainable and conscious if you use steak and Co. less often and pay attention to good quality.

To assess how “good” the meat on your plate is, you need to know where it came from and how the animals were kept. Unfortunately, you don’t always get this information so easily. The obvious thing to do is to go to a nearby farmer who, in the best case scenario, raises animals according to organic standards. 

»Kaufnekuh« – This is how crowdbutching works

Crowdbutching at Kaufnekuh

The meat from “Kaufnekuh” differs from meat from the supermarket in three main ways: Some chef employees have already had good experiences with “Kaufnekuh”, which is why we explain the principle of sustainable meat bought online using this example. At you can find beef since 2015, which you can order according to the crowdbutching principle (in German: group slaughter ). This means that the farmer does not slaughter the cow until all parts of the animal have been sold. This prevents food waste , but also means that you as a customer wait up to four weeks for your meat. But that doesn’t matter, after all, you don’t order two steaks for the next lunch, but larger packets of meat that you can then freeze.

  • Transparency  – When choosing the animal you will find information on the ear number, the farmer, the place of origin and the type of husbandry. So basically you can drive by the smallholder before buying and convince yourself that the cow is being kept according to your requirements. With meat from the supermarket, such information is withheld in most cases. 
  • No waste – the animal is used from tail to tip of the nose. Parts that are not allowed to go on sale (such as bile and udder) are not simply thrown away, but processed into animal feed. 
  • Animal welfare – »Kaufnekuh« attaches importance to the fact that the animals offered have had a good life and are slaughtered as stress-free as possible. The slaughtered cows are between 5 and 8 years old and are kept in semi-open stalls and on pastures. 

In addition to beef, you can now also find other types of meat at the same provider : chicken, pork, lamb (at Easter) and goose (at Christmas). 

Who can afford the meat? 

Cows reared with calm, plenty of exercise and good forage – that sounds expensive, but it isn’t. This is because the intermediary is no longer available. The Classic-Mini-Package, consisting of 3.3 kg of beef, costs just under € 60 . The package includes meat for 13 meals (for two people each ), so you pay € 2.30 per meal . The mini organic package costs you almost € 80 for 3.5 kg of meat (i.e. € 2.49 per meal).

And what’s inside Among other things, steaks, roast beef, minced meat, sausages, goulash, soup meat and sliced ​​meat. The packages are customizable to a limited extent : For example, you can decide whether you want to exchange pot roast for more minced meat. 

Overall, of course, you pay more than for beef from the discounter. But everyone gets their fair share for this and you know exactly where your meat comes from and that the animals had a good life. “Kaufnekuh” recommends eating less but better meat anyway. 

How fresh can the meat I order be? 

You may be wondering how fresh meat ordered online can be – pretty fresh, according to “Kaufnekuh”. After the meat has had two weeks to mature, it is processed, packaged and dispatched after 24 hours at the latest. Usually it is with you the next day. By the way, it arrives well chilled and vacuumed in portions so that you can freeze it straight away. In the freezer, your supply will last up to 12 months. 

Poultry from

Our colleagues have ordered chicken from the same supplier. The ordering principle is similar here and satisfaction is high: the meat tastes much better than chicken from the supermarket and arrived super fresh and well chilled. 

As the icing on the cake, every package comes with a list that you can hang on the freezer. All meat portions of the ordered package are listed on it and you can tick off which ones you have already eaten. So you never lose track of what you still have in stock and will soon be able to process into a tasty chef dish. 

Here at Chefkoch you will find a lot of  inspiration for what you can cook delicious with the individual pieces of beef

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