This is how you succeed in asparagus cream soup: 20 delicious recipes

No asparagus time without asparagus cream soup – the aromatic soup can be the sole star of a meal or can be wonderfully combined with an asparagus menu. We’ll show you the best recipes and give you tips on how to prepare them. 

Asparagus cream soup: how it works

Asparagus soup can either be prepared as an accompaniment to an asparagus meal or can be planned individually. In any case, asparagus water forms the basis of the fine creamy asparagus soup.

Cook your peeled asparagus covered with water – you can then prepare a fine asparagus soup based on the cooking water or the next day. Simply a classic roux of flour and butter deglaze with the asparagus water and simmer until the asparagus soup has a creamy consistency. With some recipes, vegetable broth or chicken broth is added to intensify the taste. Then season the asparagus soup with salt, pepper, sugar and nutmeg.

An acidic component in the asparagus soup also tastes particularly good – simply add a dash of lemon juice, a little white wine or a dollop of sour cream to the soup. To refine the asparagus cream soup, it is often alloyed with egg yolk – afterwards the asparagus soup must not cook anymore, otherwise the egg will clot. If you have not planned the cooked asparagus as a side dish or main meal, you can now add it in small pieces to the asparagus soup.

Cream of asparagus soup – creamy pleasure

For a particularly fine cream soup, for which the whole asparagus is to be used, you can also proceed as follows: Peel the asparagus from the head, cut off the woody ends and tips, cut the sticks into pieces and cook in water or vegetable broth, puree, asparagus tips let it boil briefly. Then season the creamy asparagus soup with cream, nutmeg, salt and pepper. For a classic asparagus cream soup with a good bond, a roux can be used as described above. It is also a tasty idea to simmer an apple in the soup – it gives the soup a fruity component and removes any bitterness from the asparagus. Or for a particularly fine cream of asparagus soup: Cook some saffron threads in the soup – these give the soup a nice color and also look nice as a decoration.

Creamy asparagus soup can be varied fresh and spring-like : with orange and ginger, with strawberries or Riesling, with vanilla or wild garlic. Cream of asparagus soup also tastes particularly delicious with fresh garden herbs. Prawns, crabs and smoked salmon, but also minced meatballs are a great filler in the asparagus soup. Give it a try! 

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