What is the trend breakfast overnight oats?

Overnight Oats: Practical, tasty and healthy

When it comes to breakfast, overnight oats no doubt currently belong to the trend food category. The idea of ​​soaking oatmeal in milk overnight is by no means new. But don’t worry, because no matter how you want to call the quick breakfast dish, it remains a delicious and above all healthy idea for the first and most important meal of the day. So what exactly are overnight oats? We present the currently very popular breakfast in detail.

What are overnight oats?

Behind the English term Overnight Oats , which currently is in the network and various food bloggers talk of the town, is nothing other than overnight soaked oatmeal hides ( Engl. Oats ), which are preferably eaten for breakfast.

In fact, the name Overnight Oats can be translated into German as ” Overnight Porridge “. Sounds neither exciting nor original, but overnight oats can be varied in many ways and allow a lot of creativity in the preparation.

Simple overnight oats: how it works!

Both robust and tender oatmeal are suitable for overnight oats. Also suitable are spelled flakes or (if you want gluten-free) soy flakes or rice flakes.

How to do overnight oats?

  1. In the evening, pour the desired amount of flakes into a jar, a bowl or, in a trend-conscious manner, into a mason jar with a lid (a so-called mason jar).
  2. Pour on liquid.
  3. Soak in the fridge overnight. Milk, buttermilk, milk alternatives such as soy milk, almond or rice milk, water and even juice are suitable for this.

In terms of the amount of liquid, a ratio of 1: 1 is appropriate. However, the ratio of oatmeal and liquid can be varied as desired to achieve a firmer or more fluid consistency for the overnight oats.

Now you can get creative: Add fresh or dried fruit, nuts and kernels to your oats now or the next morning . If you like it a little sweeter, you can help with sugar, sweetener, stevia , honey, agave syrup, coconut blossom sugar etc.

Then put the Overnight Oats covered in the fridge overnight, where they will swell overnight. The next morning you will find a well-stuffed porridge in your jar.

If you don’t like the other ingredients, you can just make the base mixture of the overnight oats from oatmeal and liquid overnight and refine them with fruit and nuts as you please in the morning for breakfast – depending on what tastes better.

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