Wild garlic: tips and recipes from pesto to soup

Finally wild garlic time again! It is one of the most popular wild herbs and enriches many delicious spring dishes as pesto, aromatic herb salt or in risotto. We have put together our top 25 recipes with wild garlic for you and also tell you where and how you can collect wild garlic, process it and make it last longer.

Wild garlic: 25 recipe ideas with pesto, soup & Co.

After the wild garlic has been collected, cleaned and prepared, the only question left is what would you like to prepare from it? There is no shortage of variations: whether creamy spreads for brunch and the breakfast table or hearty snacks for the evening. Of course, whole menus can also be created from the spicy wild herb, such as a wild garlic soup as a starter, the main course is a wild garlic risotto with fried meat and, instead of a sweet dessert, a fine cheese platter with fresh wild garlic bread . You will find numerous suggestions for the perfect wild garlic enjoyment in our collection of ideas.

Wild garlic pesto and other spicy treats made from wild garlic

Of course you can use freshly chopped wild garlic directly as a spicy addition or enjoy it on a fresh sandwich. Wild garlic recipes can also be varied, using kitchen herbs such as chives or parsley by simply replacing them with wild garlic. With its fresh garlic aroma, wild garlic is also ideal for making kitchen basics for seasoning yourself. Above all, the wild garlic pesto , which not only makes wild garlic durable, but also melts with parmesan, pine nuts and olive oil to form a creamy seasoning paste that not only gives fresh pasta the final kick. How to make a pesto, our video reveals. Can just as well with the homemade garlic pesto  also soups, sauces and dressings to taste.

If you prefer to enjoy the wild garlic pure, use puree with oil and a pinch of salt to make a seasoning paste with a pure wild garlic aroma. Further, by inserting the spice of wild garlic in oil or vinegar transmitted and these then to flavor sauces use. Homemade wild garlic butter , which is frozen for a few weeks without losing too much flavor, is not quite as long-lasting, but at least as tasty . You can use it to extend the wild garlic well into the barbecue season.

Preserving the wild garlic in this way gives you the opportunity to season with the delicate aroma of wild garlic all year round. These kitchen basics are also ideal as a small gift from the kitchen.

Popular wild garlic dishes: wild garlic soup, quiche & Co.

Whole dishes can also be prepared with the spicy wild garlic. First and foremost is the wild garlic soup , one of the fastest and most delicious wild garlic recipes. But the delicate green leaves are also popular as a filling for a quiche or the main ingredient of various spreads, creams and dips . There are numerous recipes, from risotto to pancakes and fresh pasta to bread , which benefit from the strong aroma of wild garlic and which, through the weeds, become true spring ambassadors.

5 facts worth knowing about wild garlic

Wild garlic (Allium ursinum) is one of the best known and most popular wild herbs in our latitudes. You can collect the leaves from March to June, preferably in deciduous forests , because the ground there is shady, beautifully moist and rich in humus – just as wild garlic loves it. This earned him the name wild garlic in addition to the name wild garlic . In fact, wild garlic is related to cultivated garlic, as well as onion and chives. The healing effect is also similar: wild garlic not only has a regulating effect on the intestine , but also at the same time it is blood-forming and lowers blood pressureand heart-strengthening , which is why it is also often prepared for medicinal purposes as tea, tincture or wild garlic spirit.


Collect wild wild garlic – risk of confusion with lily of the valley

It is best to collect wild garlic before it starts to bloom in April , because then it has the most aroma. Those who go out to meet their need for wild garlic should be particularly careful when picking the lanceolate leaves : they are very similar to the poisonous leaves of lily of the valley and the autumn timeless ones. If the picked leaves smell of garlic, you’ve got the right ones – after all, lily of the valley and autumn timeless don’t smell of the spicy tuber. A sure distinguishing feature of wild garlic is also the leaf rib, because lily of the valley and autumn timeless have no leaf ribs. Once the plants bloom, there is no longer any confusion, because the flowers of lily of the valley, wild garlic and autumn timeless are very different in shape and color. Wild garlic has small white, umbel-like flowers, while lily of the valley has white bell-shaped flowers and the autumn-timeless flowers purple and purple flowers. Even collected wild garlic should always be washed carefully before preparation , as wild herbs can be potential carriers of the fox tapeworm.

Cultivated wild garlic

If you do not have a forest or other wild garlic location nearby, you can buy fresh wild garlic in bundles at weekly markets or in well-stocked supermarkets . Bear’s garlic fans can also grow the spicy leaves in their own garden and then easily harvest in front of their own door in spring. To do this, sow the wild garlic in a shady spot in the garden before winter, because the seeds must go through a frost period so that they can germinate. Then the wild garlic usually reproduces itself diligently and, like in the forest, forms carpet-like stands that may even have to be contained by hand.



5 tips for preserving wild garlic

  • The drying of the leaves is not recommended, as is lost too much flavor.
  • Freeze whole or chopped leaves in a plastic can or freezer bag .
  • Mix finely chopped wild garlic with a little water or oil and freeze in portions in an ice cube maker. Then put the resulting seasoning cubes in a freezer for storage.
  • Put very finely chopped or oiled leaves covered with oil in a screw-top jar and keep in the fridge or cellar.
  • Further processing to spicy ingredients such as wild garlic oil, wild garlic butter, wild garlic salt etc.

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